Office Politics: Singled out passive aggressively.

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Since my last post it has been 2 months and now things have gone south for me a few more notches.  I am not imagining it now.  After the last monthly meeting, financially the CEO is more alert and watching the budget: ie cutbacks will be taken if needed, gulp.  I just cannot relate to the CEO because everything I try to do get into the conversation they will say the opposite or kill the conversation or find little things for me to do to put me back into my spot. Anything I try to do for the CEO, they will change what they want for that month or that week or that day.  Half the time I am not sure which format or style they are craving; this has reflected on my performance review where most of the time I am questioning what to do and for me I stopped caring because after the suggestion to read up more on the industry just does not appeal to me. 

It seems like when there is an error or something called into questioning.  The CEO is using the passive aggressive approach with me.  Less talking, the stupid looks when I ask/clarify things, the selective politeness when spoken to in the office, the way they turn their back on me to exclude me from the general conversations they have with other workers to just standing where I cannot see them, but I hear everything but since there is no eye contact no conversation opportunities for me to join.  

The CEO will try to think I have taken the liberties of changing the wording, not following the protocol that keeps changing week to week to the links not working but it has been more user error than me not uploading files improperly on the web.  Even though they know who writes it and knows I only type what is given to me but somehow I am to be blamed.  When their friend makes a mistake, they try to sweep it under the carpet but when they irk the people; the people will speak and we are to be blamed for not double checking the correspondences that goes around the office even though it was made clear to not question their work. I’m done being the wallflower that the CEO can trample on when they don’t get their way.

   I am actively looking for a new job because I go to work to work and push papers to get the pay cheque because it is just money to pay the bills, but if I can find a higher paying job I will move on. I am willing to work two jobs if I have to.   After the last few weeks I have had the blame being shifted on me for something I didn’t do, I am done.  They can have their friend’s filling the position and as much as I like my manager I do not think this is the right fit for me. Yes I am learning but when you know the CEO does get along with you or now has favoured the newbies my days are up soon.

Office Politics/Nepotism

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We all grew up that being a hard worker and trying to do what is best is what helps get you somewhere in life but times have change and unless you’re a BFF or loud and would ra.  But over the last few months things have changed in the dynamics of my small office and I feel like the Asian Dilberette of the office and the rosy colored atmosphere is slowly cracking and you soon realize how dysfunctional work can and is. My work place would be ideal if it didn’t have all the eggshells/landmines with every project I work on, the pissing competitions, lack of communications skills that lead to using emails or assistants to speak to each other, lazy/ bad habits, gossip and distrust.  I thought okay the job pays the bills and mortgage but what do I have sacrifice to earn the $$$?

The one thing I hate the most at work is favoritism to the “chosen” ones.  I work in a small office of less than 20 people and let’s say the Nepotism/ favoritism / BFF syndrome is prominent and makes you wonder why bother?  I’m sorry I can’t socialize and talk about my personal matters  or make my job seem more important than others when it feels like my work load has doubled over the last few months and I question why am I still here?  I can’t be fake or a valley girl on a turn of a dime.  I am not trying to set myself apart nor do I like their jokes.

I don’t fit in the dynamics ( I should say the CEO does not like me and their minions follow the beat of their drum), my accomplishments are not being recognized in upper management and are being transferred /assumed that someone else is doing it and I am just a seat warmer that takes phone calls.  I know if there are cut backs I am the next one to go. Even after the new hires and my year with the company makes me feel like my job is at risk if cutbacks are needed.  You know it is bad when the vibe you get from the CEO is a forced politeness of just saying Good morning.  My goodness I think is wrong  and not professional at all.

I know my manager appreciates what I can do and help; but some days it becomes a blur and that is when errors occur.  It seems like I am being set up to fail and not succeed in this place.  The paranoia of someone touching my files to see if I am triple checking things is now the tipping point for me.  I hate being a quitter but the next train out of this drama is coming in the New Year because I don’t think I can do this and I would rather work two minimum wage jobs than stay now.  The only regret I have is that my manager will be left with more on her plate and my goal is try to do as much as I can before I leave.

Happy Christmas All

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Michael Jackson May You Rest in Peace

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Death is a part of life.  Sometimes we leave sooner before the ones that love and surround us are ready for.  May we remember the accomplishments he did at the beginning of his career before the courts and scandals. My thoughts and prayers are for his children. 

Britian’s Got Talent 2009 Shaheen Jafargholi

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Shaheen Jafargholi amazing boy with courage and strength to be able to stop by Simon and change songs for the biggest change in life.  Adorable boy with a pure voice and not be phased at all is simple amazing.  He will have big things in life and if he continues to make the right music choice he will go far. 


Happy Easter…take a moment

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Take a Moment







순간이 걸리십시오



Toma un momento



Πάρτε μια στιγμή




Примите момент



Nehmen Sie sich eine Zeit








Easter  イースター  부활절




Pascua  Πάσχα  Пасха  Ostern

Easter, there are no boundaries

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