Hey All,

My blog is like a Chinese Hot pot, a type of dinner where you have a pot of soup on a burner and dump everything in.  My blog serves as a hot pot, I randomly talk about things but I do have some passions, 1 is God, 2 is Food, 3 is hockey 4 is technology and 5 is life and body image.  As you can tell, I use my blog as a venting tool so that i can stay sane for a while.  I also use it for a glimpse for people to see that i am a christian and human as well.  I will have my off days where things are just not clicking but with time, i can see what God is trying to teach me or guide me in life.  I’m not here to pass judgement or guilt anyone in to knowing God, i just want people to see that being Christians isn’t some strange ritualistic, leaglistic anal thing, but instead it  is a faith step in to something. anyways i hope you all enjoy and leave a comment or two….it would be interesting to hear from everyone


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